Qcells Training – Q.ANTUM PV Development & Installation Guidelines Course

Q.ANTUM PV Development & Installation Guidelines Course

Session 1 – Standard PV module technology

Session 2 – Certification and qualification

Session 3 – Installation and after sales


Pre-requisites/skills for the course

  • Prior knowledge of basic principle on how the solar cell works
  • Previous experience in rooftop PV system installation
  • Recommended for accredited installers, designers and professionals in the field of Solar energy


Technology required to complete the course

  • Stable internet connection on your laptop, mobile or tablet


About the course

The main purpose of this program is to provide knowledge on the Latest PV technology (Q.ANTUM technology developed by Qcells),  installation and aftersales. Upon completion of this course, Designers will understand latest PV developments, product quality and certifications. Installers will understand various installation configurations of the PV panels, cable management, aftersales maintenance whilst upholding the safety standards and compliant with Warranty terms and conditions.

Earn 30 CPD points

Get the certificate after the completion of the course

Contact: hqaupm@q-cells.com

Sign Up: https://training.q-cells-australia.com/


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