Take A Closer Look (Video)

New Video Showcases Panel Testing in Alice Springs

New Products for the Australian Market

This video was created for the launch of three new products for the Australian market; Q.PEAK DUO, Q.PARTNER, and Q CELLS FINANCE. Q CELLS invites you to take a closer look at what goes into our German-engineered technology. 

Australia has the highest average solar radiation per square metre of any continent in the world. And with its vast size, Australia is comprised of a multitude of climate regions. These can range from some of the most pleasant to some of the harshest climate conditions in the world. 

Q CELLS panels are specifically designed and tested for Australian conditions to ensure optimal performance. Our modules work reliably, regardless of environment. Further, we undergo the testing to prove it, as this video illustrates.

Tested in Australian Conditions

Not only does Q CELLS undergo rigorous testing in the lab, but also in the field. Q CELLS is one of the only manufacturers to undergo cyclone testing as well as performance testing in Australia. Since 2012, Q CELLS modules have been installed at The Desert Knowledge Australia Solar Centre (DKASC) – the heart of the Australian outback. Q CELLS has been a consistent top performer year after year where it sits in a field with other panel brands. Daily, weekly, and yearly generation information is publicly available for anyone in the world.  



The Desert Knowledge Australia Solar Centre (DKASC) is a demonstration facility for commercialised solar technologies operating in the arid solar conditions of Alice Springs, Central Australia. 

People visiting Alice Springs can freely walk through the centre and see the various installations up close. However, many people from across the world also choose to download data from the installations via the DKASC website to study and better understand the different technologies and environmental factors.