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The Q.HOME Support Centre is your locally-based product support service for Q CELLS home energy system. Installers and consumers alike can find the information and personal assistance they need with Q.HOME. Scroll below to find the service or resource you need or call us 7 days a week at
1-800 Q HOME 0.

Technical & Warranty Support

If you or your customer is experiencing issues with your Q.HOME system, you can file a support ticket and a Q.HOME Support Centre Agent will be in touch in 24 hours.

Installation Support

Access installation guides, technical documentation, manuals, videos, schedule training and other support for installers. 

Q.ONNECT Monitoring

Login to Q.ONNECT, Q CELLS official home energy monitoring platform for Q.HOME+ESS HYB-G2. 

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Upgrade System

If you own a Q CELLS Q.VOLT hybrid inverter or Q.SAVE battery and would like to add additional capacity, you can easily add more batteries when you're ready.

Backup Power

Never go dark again. Q.HOME will keep your essentials powered when the grid isn't available. Q.VOLT is capable of running just on PV, without the grid if you don't have batteries.

Energy Meter Upgrade

Complimentary premium Carlo Gavazzi energy meter upgrade with every Q.HOME purchase.

SwitchDin Platform

In addition to Q CELLS own Q.STORY monitoring platform, Q.HOME customers get complimentary lifetime subscription to SwitchDin's leading edge platform.

Premium Durability

High-durability and performance suited for installation indoors and outdoors in any Australian condition. Very short recharge time and high discharge depth.

Q.HOME Community

Join the Q.HOME community of hundreds of users throughout Australia. Learn energy saving (and money saving) tips and share your experience with other owners.


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