Q.PARTNERs Head to Seoul

First Q.PARTNER Event Tours Korea and Ends With A Bang

Since the program’s launch in Australia last month, Q CELLS Australia customers had the chance to fly to Seoul and experience both Korean culture and Hanwha Q CELLS culture in the heart of South Korea. The event which took place 4th – 7th October featured tours of Hanwha Q CELLS Smart Factory, cultural sites, and culminated in watching annual Seoul International Fireworks Festival.

Several of the first, newly-minted, Q.PARTNERS from across Australia were invited as the delegation to attend this event along with Q CELLS customers and staff from other global regions including Europe, US, Japan, Korea, and China. Q CELLS Australia directors, account managers, and marketing team accompanied the group.  The event even featured its own app to organise the dozens of events taking place over the four days.  

Hanwha Q CELLS Australia particpants enjoy daily tours of Korean cultural and Q CELLS sites.

Getting to Know Hanwha

The event kicked off with a welcome dinner at the garden of the Plaza Hotel where guests stayed for the event. The Plaza Hotel is a 5-Star luxury hotel that consistently wins awards and accolades from top hospitality reviews like Top 25 Hotels in the World from Trip Advisor. The Plaza Hotel is also owned and managed by Hanwha Q CELLS sister company, Hanwha Hotels & Resorts, under Hanwha Group.

This is one example of how the tour serves not only to better acquaint the participants with the award-winning Hanwha Q CELLS brand, but the other highly-awarded affiliate companies of Hanwha Group. Hanwha Group is Korea’s 8th largest conglomerate and operates 58 affiliate companies across the globe, including Hanwha Q CELLS.

“We already knew how important the relationship was,” says Domenic Mercuri, CEO of Solargain.  “But seeing firsthand and absorbing how advanced a 3rd generation South Korean company [with] a culture that is fully invested with an inner belief of solar power being the future, was the eye opening moment for us.”

Hanwha Group has backed solar business since 2010.

 Seeing firsthand and absorbing how advanced a 3rd generation South Korean company with a culture that is fully invested with an inner belief of solar power being the future, was the eye opening moment for us 

Inspiring Confidence and Bankability

The sheer size and omnipresence of the Hanwha brand is almost omnipresent throughout Seoul. Towering, glinting buildings with the orange Hanwha tri-circle pepper the skyline in almost every direction. Each of these buildings being the headquarters to multiple Hanwha Group affiliate companies.

“It was hard to look around the skyline of Seoul without seeing the company’s name and logo somewhere,” said Ryan Scott, Project & Operations Manger for MC Electrical. “We gained a lot of confidence in the product knowing that it was backed by a company like that.”

Q.PARTNERS walk over 1km while touring the factory line at Jincheon Factory.

Smart-Factory Tour

The other takeaway was a deepening of the understanding of Q CELLS products by seeing firsthand the ultra-high-tech Smart Factory in Jincheon. This factory is the birthplace for two favourites of the Q.ANTUM product family, Q.PEAK and Q.PEAK DUO-G5. 

“I was already a Q CELLS fan before our trip to Korea and now I think [my business partner] is also feeling the love,” says Scott.

Here, Q.PARTNERS saw the machines (built by Hanwha Precision Machinery) undergoing their automated processes, powered by AI, of churning out Q.ANTUM solar cells – and eventually modules. The factory tour highlighted the level of advanced precision that goes into making Q CELLS products and superior processes that set Q CELLS apart from competitors. “The factory was so clean and so futuristic, it almost looked like a movie-set,” said one of the tour attendees from the USA.

Seoul International Fireworks Festival

Tensions were high as a typhoon threatened the grand finale event on Saturday; Seoul International Fireworks Festival. Luckily for the over 120,000 people who came to watch the fireworks, the weather cleared up by the afternoon for beautiful evening conditions.

This event, now in its 18th year, is sponsored by Hanwha Group and features over 100,000 fireworks being set off over the Han River.  This year, the festival features firework displays by teams from Spain, Italy, and Korea (Hanwha Group). Over the course of two hours, the fireworks light up the night sky and reflect off the gold facade of the Hanwha 63 Building. 

Fireworks explode over the Hangang River where Q.PARTNER participants watched from the towering 63 Building across the water

More Q.PARTNER VIP Events Coming in 2019

When asked whether they would be interested in attending another similar Hanwha Q CELLS event, the Q.PARTNERS said a unanimous, “yes”.

“I valued gaining a better understanding of Hanwha Q CELLS’s business culture, its scale of business and the opportunity to meet other customers,” said Warwick Read, New Business Projects Manager for Rheem. “I was impressed with the professional way Hanwha and its team of people organised the event.”

The next opportunity for Q.PARTNERS to attend a special event will be through the Q.ANTUM Sales Competition which started 1st of October and will end 31st of March. Winners for the competition will have the opportunity to be flown to Germany to visit and meet the scientists behind Q CELLS products at the Q CELLS Technology & Innovation Headquarters in Talheim, as well as attend the largest solar energy exhibition in the world, Intersolar Europe.

Q.PARTNERS benefit from exclusive invitations to events such as the Seoul International Fireworks Festival, factory tours, and more. If you’re interested in becoming a Q.PARTNER, contact us today!


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