Q.PARTNER Helps Melbourne Family Plan For the Future With Q.PEAK-DUO-G5

"Moving to a Clean Energy Source Was The Smart Choice for Us"

Installed 4km north-east of the Melbourne CBD, this 2-person household decided it was time to reduce their energy costs as well as their carbon footprint by turning to solar energy.

5 kW
System Size
0 yrs
Payback Time
$ 950
Annual Savings
5 t
Yearly CO2 Saved

The Problem

With the second-highest retail electricity prices in Australia, Victorian energy prices (along with the rest of Australia) have soared more than four times the overall inflation rate in the last decade.

For Geoff and his family, making the switch to solar for long term cost savings and moving towards a clean energy source in light of climate change was the smart choice for their household.

The Solution

Geoff has been in his home for 6 years and doesn’t plan on moving in the foreseeable future. He decided to take advantage of the Victorian Solar Rebate and invest in high-quality, high-performance solar panels to match his renewable energy ambitions.

Give me the best possible system you can deliver.

Finding a Trusted Partner

In February 2019, Geoff reached out to a Q.PARTNER for a consultation. Geoff trusted in the Q.PARTNER with a straightforward brief:

“Give me the best possible system you can deliver.”

To ensure Geoff’s brief for a quality system was met, the Q.PARTNER recommended Q CELLS Q.PEAK DUO-G5 solar panels. Engineered in Germany and manufactured in Korea, Q.PEAK DUO-G5’s award-winning high performance, fast pay-back period, and strong backing by a global brand with extensive local technical support made it an easy choice.

Sustainability Was Key

Going solar was primarily a sustainability decision for Geoff, as he explained: “Instead of just choosing a green retailer, we wanted to take clean generation into our own hands by electrifying with solar. Reducing emissions was of primary importance.”

The fact that Q CELLS has an environmental management system for reducing direct and indirect emissions from the manufacturing process pleased Geoff: “People who are trying to be sustainable don’t think terribly much about the manufacturing practices that go into producing their solar products, so it’s great to know that the panels on my roof are from a company where sustainability is top of mind.”

An Expert System Design

Utilising Q.PEAK DUO’s unique features, the trained Q.PARTNER put together a layout that overcame some of the challenges of Geoff’s urban Melbourne property:

  • With limited roof space, Q.PEAK DUO-G5’s high power class yields higher generation of energy per square meter.
  • Better low-light behaviour helps address Melbourne’s fickle weather.
  • The shade tolerance of Q.PEAK DUO-G5 was a key consideration in it being chosen for this project. Paired with optimisers, the future impact from shading on the panels due to the compact array and growing citrus tree out the front has been planned for thanks to Q.ANTUM DUO’s optimised shading behaviour from its independent halves.
  • Intense Australian heat can lead to accelerated aging of solar panels, but thanks to Q CELLS’ innovative Yield Security, factors like light and elevated temperature have less of a detrimental impact on performance for higher yields.
  • Our experienced Q.PARTNER was able to make the best of Q.PEAK DUO-G5’s high performance by arranging the panels across three roof orientations to capture maximum sunlight at different parts of the day in order to maximise yield and achieve best ROI.
“The idea that with these minor potential inconveniences; the typical Melbourne weather and the surrounding environment, and other mitigating factors might make some think they aren’t good solar candidates, but Q CELLS together with a Q.PARTNER, were the ones who came ready to overcome any challenge and achieve the solution we were looking for at the most competitive price for the level of sophistication we were getting.”

A Safe Investment for the Future

“Their products boast durability and great performance ratings and have better warranties than the industry standard, which really appeals to me. Also, having a manufacturer that I know I can call should any issues arise with my panels is really important to me.”

Q CELLS’ quality products are best paired with a quality installer. Q CELLS is proud to rely on its world-class Q.PARTNERs around Australia to help support people like Geoff in making the switch to solar.

“I’m really happy with my decision to go solar with Q CELLS,” concluded Geoff.

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