Q CELLS launches first ‘made for Australia’ solar module the Q.MAXX-G2 and boosts product warranty to 15 years

Q CELLS launches first ‘made for Australia’ solar module the Q.MAXX-G2 and boosts product warranty to 15 years

Q CELLS has launched a new market-entry solar panel, the Q.MAXX-G2, backed by a 15-year product warranty that is the first module by the globally recognised total solar energy solutions provider’s to be exclusively manufactured for the Australian market.

The launch comes as Australians further embrace rooftop solar. In August 2020 new records for solar power generation have been set across the country, with the Australian Energy Market Operator announcing a new record for the amount of solar energy coming into the grid and new record low winter-demands for traditional energy, with rooftop solar a key driver for both events.

Q.MAXX-G2 is the second generation of the market entry level Q.MAXX range offering a powerclass range between 350-360 Wp and its new extended 15-year product warranty reflects a three-year increase on the previous model.

At the core the Q.MAXX-G2 is a specific set of selected components, built using optimised product and processes, that is custom made for Australia’s harsh conditions. This comes in addition to Q CELLS’ unique Yield Security on its proprietary Q.ANTUM DUO technology-based modules.

Speaking of the new product launch, Head of Business for Q CELLS Australia Peter Bae said that the new panel is part of Q CELLS strong, 10-year plus commitment to the Australian Market.

“Q CELLS is delighted to be launching its first solar module to be manufactured exclusively for Australia’s harsh climate, reflecting the growing importance of Australia in the global solar market,” Mr Bae said.

“For over ten years, Q CELLS has maintained a full Australian office including engineering and technical staff, so this new Australian-exclusive panel is an exciting next step.

“The Q.MAXX-G2 has been developed using selected materials enabling us to extend the warranty to 15 years, tailored for Australian conditions.

‘This means that are consumers not only getting access to Q CELLS’ globally recognised manufacturing and engineering quality but additional piece of mind from an extended product warranty, created specifically for Australia.”

The new Q.MAXX-G2 is also backed by 25 year performance warranty underpinned by the new extended 15 year product warranty. Q CELLS’ performance and product warranties are built on its 21 year history in R&D history, extensive quality testing which exceeds international standard two-three times over for all modules supplied, Australia-specific design and testing, and local support available in Australia for all models imported and supplied by Q CELLS Australia.

Further underpinning the confidence Q CELLS’ has in the Q.MAXX-G2’s ability to perform longer the extensive local testing the Company undertakes at various independent assessment centres in Australia.

Since 2010, Q CELLS’ modules have consistently performed at or amongst the top group of PV modules in the Desert Knowledge Solar Centre in Alice Springs.

Q CELLS also submits each module, including Q.MAXX-G2, to cyclone testing at James Cook University’s Cyclone Testing Centre in Townsville. Here, modules are tested at four-times the pressure of IEC standards for three cycles instead of one for IEC standards.

Q CELLS is the first of the Silicon Module Super League (SMSL) manufacturers to offer 15 and 25 year product warranty products. Q CELLS was the very first SMSL member to offer a 25 year product warranty product with the launch of Q.PEAK DUO-G5+ in late 2019.

The Q.MAXX-G2 panels with the extended 15 year warranty are on sale from October 1st.

For further information on the Q.MAXX-G2 visit www.q-cells.com/au