Costco First To Offer Solar in Retail Environment With Q.PARTNER InStyle Solar + Q CELLS

Q.PARTNER InStyle Solar Goes National With Costco Partnership

Q CELLS Q.PEAK DUO the first solar panel to be offered in a ‘bona fide retail environement’ in Australia. 

One of Queensland’s largest solar retailers and installers, and official Q CELLS Q.PARTNER is about to broaden its horizons following an Australian-first solar deal.

Big-box US retailer Costco has signed a deal with InStyle Solar that will see InStyle’s products, including Q.PEAK DUO, available to purchase via a kiosk in-store.

While the initial plan is to have the kiosks installed at North Lakes and Ipswich, InStyle is on the path towards a wider presence and will be in every store nationally over the coming months.

This deal will finally pull together the company’s ambitions to become an Australia-wide brand.

“Going national is something we have always had planned,” says Karl Brown, founder of InStyle Solar and Retail and Services Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2018.

“We always wanted to sell around the country, but this deal with Costco made more sense. It is the first of its kind; the first-time solar power is being sold in a bona fide retail environment. No other stores but Costco do this kind of thing.”

Becoming a national brand will undoubtedly require a massive effort from the InStyle Solar team, but Brown says doing business from afar is easier than ever in 2019.

“You don’t need office space these days, and our work is mostly done in other people’s homes,” says Brown.

“We will have warehouses in each state that we’re working in, and we are going to build up our installation teams which will mean hiring more staff and bringing a lot more people on.”

To ensure customers purchase the right product for their energy requirements, a sales representative will be on-site to offer information and expert advice on the solar products available.

Once customers have purchased their InStyle Solar package, they are able to arrange installation of their new panels with the experienced team.

“Getting this retail model to work is something we’ve been working on for a number of years,” says Brown.

“Costco is massively invested as well. What I like about the partnership is the customer is finally dealing with a brand they recognise they trust Costco, it has a lot of consumer confidence.”

As Australia’s trusted panel brand four years in a row, Q CELLS is proud to partner with InStyle and Costco to deliver quality products to Costco shoppers across Australia.