Q CELLS launches Q.HOME to market

Australia’s first fully integrated residential solar power system offers energy independence

Today is tomorrow with Q.HOME

  • Guaranteed to outperform all other major residential solar and energy storage solutions in the Australian market¹
  • Back-up system making it ideal for locations with unstable electricity supplies.
  • Fully-scalable to suit most homes with up to 12-kilowatt hours (kWh) storage capacity
  • Attractive design to complement modern Australian homes
  • Silent operation due to its natural battery cooling system
  • Digitally connected to easily track energy production and storage
  • Covered by Q CELLS’ industry-leading local Australian support

Q CELLS, the number one solar panel brand in Germany, the UK, Italy, Korea, Japan, and the US residential market, has launched Q.HOME+ESS HYB-G2 (“Q.HOME”), which is the first of its kind energy storage system in the Australian market.

Q CELLS Australia Key Account Director Myungsin Shim said that the Australian launch of the new solar energy storage system comes on the back of Q.HOME’s successes in the European market.

Q.HOME is the future of energy – low carbon, clean electricity that is available when you need it,” Ms Shim said.

“With Q.HOME, we are offering consumers the opportunity to experience true energy independence and freedom from Australia’s uncertain electricity prices.

“With its scalable nature and ability to be paired with any Q CELLS solar panel, Q.HOME is suitable for all locations and types of homes, and a broad range of budgets, enabling homeowners to maximise their renewable energy utilisation by capturing and storing unused solar power.”

The key differentiator for Q.HOME is that it is the first seamlessly integrated hybrid inverter and battery system introduced to the Australian market.

Once Q.HOME is paired with Q CELLS solar panels, it provides a comprehensive fully wrapped solar solution that is covered by a single warranty for technical support and backed by Q CELLS industry-leading local support – the only complete solar and support offering of its kind in Australia.

Q.HOME is scalable from 4 and 12 kWh making it suitable for most types of homes.

“Although Australia already has some of the highest levels of uptake of solar energy in the world, many consumers living in our major inner cities or smaller homes have been experiencing difficulties producing enough electricity on limited roof spaces,” Ms Shim said.

“Thanks to its backup power supply, Q.HOME is also particularly well-suited for households in regional areas with unreliable power or for those needing to run critically important electrical equipment at home.”

Q.HOME has been designed to meet the highest safety standards and the solution uses the latest in battery technology.

“The Q.HOME battery is powered by the latest lithium-ion technology providing a safe storage solution and, unlike its competitors, has a natural cooling system allowing silent operation without the use of noisy fans,” Ms Shim said.

“This is the same battery technology that has been used in world’s biggest commercial solar power storage facility, the Hornsdale Power Reserve in South Australia.”

For homeowners who want to have full control over their energy production and utilisation, Q.HOME comes with its own web-based monitoring system which enables homeowners to track how much energy their system has generated, their storage and usage, as well allowing easy system maintenance.

Q.HOME comes with Q CELLS’ guaranteed quality and is supported in Australia by Q CELLS’ local service team.

“Q.HOME is manufactured in Korea to the highest standards and provides the value that is synonymous with the Q CELLS brand,” she said.

“Q.HOME owners have the peace of mind that, were anything to go wrong, one call to our Australian service team will get them the help they need regardless of whether an error may have occurred with the panel, inverter or battery.

“Q.HOME is the only complete product offering of this type in the Australian market showcasing this high level of service for both consumers and installers.”

For homeowners looking for the ultimate solution, Q.HOME can be paired with either of Q CELLS’ new launched premium panels with 25-year product warranty, the Q.PEAK DUO-G5+ or Q.PEAK DUO-G6+.

With the extended product warranties, these powerful new solar panels deliver outstanding results under harsh Australian climates, powered by Q CELLS’ proprietary Q.ANTUM DUO technology.

Alongside residential use, Q.HOME is also suitable for lower-energy commercial uses such as smaller-scale offices and showrooms.


  • HOME is scalable from 4 to 12 kWh storage systems
  • The Q.HOME system, on average, is expected to generate 355 kWh more energy than the industry standard – which equates to a surplus of 35.5 kWh per year – the equivalent of running five 10W LED lights for 2 hours longer every day for 10 years
  • The Q.HOME’s Home Energy Management System (HEMS) will be able to monitor and help consumers predict household usage patterns and solar energy production.

Tomorrow's Technology Today

Enter the future of home solar power. Q.HOME, the complete, easy to install system, hybrid inverter and lithium-ion battery paired with Q CELLS solar panel of your choice. German engineering with Korean manufacturing excellence. Pre-assembled and ready for shipping to your customers.
  1. Guaranteed to deliver more megawatt hours of power than major competing battery brands within the Australian market over the industry standard 10-year warranty.


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