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We’re rethinking power in ways that make 
more sense for tomorrow and give you greater value today.

Q CELLS not only deliver next generation power they come with next generation support.

Make a smart choice for your customers.

R&D is in our DNA.

We are the owners of powerful patented PERC passivation technology, the first to ensure hot spot free cells with hot spot protect, the first with 6 busbar technology and the first to suppress Light and elevated Temperature Induced Degradation (LeTID) using Q.ANTUM technology.

We’re the only manufacturer that offers 100% traceability of solar cells not just modules. See why Q CELLS lead the world of solar.

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Q CELLS deliver a combination of high efficiency, high power ratings and maximum yields at competitive prices.

Q.ANTUM Technology delivers exceptional performance under real-world conditions. Every last cell with traceable quality testing, every module guaranteed, everything you want from an award-winning brand.

Q CELLS offers the ultimate performance and support at an affordable price.

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German engineered and rigorously tested in Australian and international conditions to outlast the outlast-able.

In addition to our own extremely strict quality standards, Q CELLS have been tested by globally recognised independent research institutes. These tests are far more challenging and tougher to pass than international standards such as the IEC.

Q CELLS guarantees top performance for maximum power under the harshest conditions, decade after decade – with the testing to prove it.

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The support you need, when you need it. We’ve been serving Australia’s solar installers since 2009 with award-winning products and support, CPD points eligible trainings, and local engineering and warranty support.

We operate six warehouses throughout Australia for flexible storage and distribution and our global scale ensures a consistent supply of high-performing solar cells. Q CELLS is your best partner.

Power your solar business with Q CELLS.

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Find our how to grow your business with Q CELLS

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