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Power is currently undergoing a transformation.

New technological breakthroughs and renewable possibilities mean power is now more powerful than ever before. Discover a powerful new way to think about your power.

Discover why Q CELLS is the smartest choice you’ll ever make.

Q CELLS’ Q.ANTUM solar cell technology is the ultimate of its kind. This state of the art technology captures previously unused sunlight, reflecting it back into the cell where it can be converted into solar energy.

Perfected with over a decade of research and development. Supercharging cells to soak up more sun to achieve world record levels of efficiency.

Powering more of us, to be more powerful every single day.

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Free, clean, infinite energy from the sun.

It’s our desire to lead a sustainable future for both humanity and our planet that fires us to innovate and transform, to provide clean energy to communities for a sustainable and vibrant future. To power new ways forward for all of us. To power a sustainable tomorrow.

Q CELLS makes it possible.

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German engineered, tested in the extreme, to outlast the outlast-able.

Our award-winning Q CELLS modules guarantee superior performance, highest energy yield and proven reliability for maximum power under the harshest conditions.

We guarantee high performance across every class in winter, in summer, under clear or cloudy skies and extreme weather. Decade after decade.

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The practical choices you make today should pay you back for years to come. They should result in affordable, high-quality technology, lower long-term costs and a higher property value.

Make a decision both your head and heart can agree on.Produce your own power with solar energy and permanently reduce your electricity costs.

Q CELLS make energy independence possible.

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